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Khuvsgul Lake Children’s Eco Club


Subtitle: Khuvsgul Lake Children’s Eco Club

Period: Since August 2008

Funded by: Weissensee Skating Event


We initiated a Children's Eco-Club in Khatgal Soum of the Khuvsgul province. The opening ceremony was held on August 16th, 2008 on the Western bank of Khuvsgul Lake and was followed by a deep cleaning of the area.

Children's Eco-Club is based on Khatgal high school and already 50 pupils united in order to gain more knowledge on environmental education and experience as involving trainings and protection activities to their living area which leaded by a team composed by local governor, natural protection advisors, teachers and rangers. Also the Club members usually attend in workshops and set up events related to eco-friendly tourism.

With the kind support of Weissensee Skating Event organisers from Holland we donated overall costs of maintaining a special cabinet room at the school, garbage (cans & plastics) pressing equipment, handbooks and reference materials useful for the Children’s Eco Club.


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