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Onon Balj River

Subtitle: Tourism Development Framework for the Onon-Balj River Basin, Mongolia

Period: October 2009 – March 2010 (5 months)

Funded by: WWF


This document is intended to provide a framework for the development of Responsible Tourism in the Onon-Balj River Basin. It is therefore only the first step in the process and it is expected that during implementation, stakeholders and partners will take the various concepts included here and review and expand them accordingly.

This Framework will focus on the Onon-Balj River Basin, with special attention paid to the Onon River, the Onon-Balj National Park, the Tosun Kulstai Nature Reserve and the Khavtgar Local Protected Area (Batshireet Soum).

Project Objectives:

Ø Environment – To ensure that all tourism development is sustainable.

Ø Economic – To develop a diverse range of responsible tourism products using best environmental, business and social practices that maximise benefits to local residents.

Ø Community – To ensure that communities have the rights and the capacity, developed through appropriate institutional structures to effectively manage natural resources and benefit from local tourism business development.

Ø Onon Taimen – To ensure that the Onon River and the Taimen fish population is sustained through well planned responsible tourism development and community engagement that maximises benefits to the local economy.

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