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Project Title: Indicators to Assess the Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts of Tourism

on Protected Areas

Period: May 2011 – July 2011 (2 months)

Funded by: UNDP, MNET


Due to the short term consultancy team contract with "Strengthening Protected Area Network of Mongolia" UNDP project, our research team purposed to develop the assessment indicators of the environmental, socio-economical, management and infrastructural impacts of tourism on Protected Area.

Project Objectives:

Review international and national best practices and guidelines used in developing indicators to assess the tourism impacts, comparative study on internationally used methods and guidelines.


The comparative studies on assessment indicators of tourism impacts to PAs made in case of international and national levels. For the purpose of defining and developing the indicator sets of tourism impacts on PAs, we studied environmental and socio-economical indicators sets of EU, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Taiwan and as well as "Mongolian Tourism Master Plan", "Tourism strategic Plan of Mongolia", tourism plan for PAs, research studies of "Environmental Innovation-2"projects, "Eco label" program (developed by National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia) and "Environmental Indicators of Mongolia" Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, Mongolia and other sources.

Describes the "Indicators of environmental and socio-economical impacts of tourism on PAs". Moreover, this part explains the indicators' frame and limitations, application principles, estimating units and evaluation periods. The indicator set consists of the following subsets:

- 7 criteria with 24 indicators of environmental impacts of tourism,

- 8 criteria with 22 indicators of socio-cultural and economic impacts of tourism

- 6 criteria with 14 indicators of management and infrastructural impacts of tourism on PAs.

Identifies the assessment methodologies of the indicators. Environmental, socio-cultural and economic indicators would be evaluated by -3 up +3 scores. -3 shows the lowest negative impact and +3 expresses the most positive impacts. 0 means no tourism impacts.

And finally includes the legal frame of indicator application. And some recommendations and options to make change in legal documents and related regulations for the purpose of maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts of tourism on PAs were included. Guidelines were developed for assessing and applying the indicators to tourism development policy planning effectively.

Project Results:

Based on the defining the indicators of tourism impacts, we would like to recommend the following important projects and programs to be implemented for the further:

Ø Trainings on tourism negative impact assessment and monitoring

Ø Methodological Trainings on "Tourism Green Certification"

Ø Organizing the cooperative meetings and workshops for PAs administration and tourism organizations

Ø To develop website for promoting ecofriendly tourism in all PAs administration

Ø PAs administrations should initiate the special tourism programs; tour packages for international and domestic tourists, for the further should develop the online booking system of the trips.

Ø Tourism marketing and advertisement program development for reducing tourism negative impacts.

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