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Nomad Library Project

Subtitle: Nomad Library

Period: 2008 – 2011 (3 years)

Funded by: Sustainable Tourism Development Center, other Supported organizations


Education is rating first place in this world, in such time Mongolian educational system (secondary school - 11 years study, from 7 to 18 years) in rural areas are couldn’t rate well. In rural areas among the nomad children school throwing out is being a lot, because of their lifestyle. Such children’s parents are herders, they are moving a lot and they need children help, so some of them don’t send their children to school. Beside of this in school areas is lacked by books, from the Education, Culture and Science Ministry are provided by the only limited learning textbooks (mathematics, physics and so on), but most of them are old and doesn’t reach in children number. Even popular books for general education are realling missing to the children, especially in countryside.

Project Objective:

The project is to give an opportunity for rural children and youth to read Mongolian and international literature, stories, history, legends and scientific fictions, and by extension, to improve their ecological knowledge and nature conservation.


We are planning to implement Nomad library as ongoing project throughout the countryside. Implementation of Nomad Library will be divided into 3 stages in near future.

First stage is preparation of library. We are planning to collect books, materials and to make study of aimags and soums for implementation, in 2008. During this period we aim to open the library in selected soum. During this period we have chosen Gurvanbulag soum of Bulgan aimag and planning to open it in May, 2009. Teaching English to interested is planned for the July of 2009.

Second stage of the program is to study the possibility of cooperating with other soum and aimag administration. The main focus area is Selenge, Tuv and Khentii aimags.

Third part of the program is to open Nomad library in Arkhangai, Uvurkhangai and Umnugobi aimags. We are aiming to operate all year around in aimag or soum and looking for the possibilities and cooperation. We are planning to open Nomad library during winter time in soum or aimag centers where most of the children go to schools and move around selected area during spring to autumn

Project Result:

Nomad Library is educational project focused on rural and nomads’ children. It will provide comprehensive, various books in Mongolian and other languages.


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