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Tourism teachers and trainers monthly meeting

22 September 2009

Tourism teachers and trainers have  monthly meeting in STDC office every second Tuesday of every month at 5 p.m. Tourism teachers and trainers had their first meeting of new school year on 7, sep, 2009.

Purpose of meeting was to plan new school year activities and all the participants agreed to focus and work together on the following issues:

1. To search for collaboration international institutes and universities of tourism

2. To Develop training standards

3. To organize a business activities as establishing training center, tourist camp and training the trainers.

4. To train some of the teachers as an national expert/advisor

Nomad library

24 July 2009

Earlier in June, the Sustainable Tourism Development Center in Mongolia (STDC) launched its Mobile Ger Library -Project (MGL-P), otherwise known as the 'Nomad library' . With four staff members, the MGL-P left for Bulgan aimag and headed to Arkhangai aimag and Kharkhorum sum in Uvurkhangai aimag. The idea was originally formulated in 2008.

Following STDC's belief that projects should be actively involved, the MGL-P aimed to reduce educational poverty by providing books to Mongolian children who may otherwise not have the opportunity to access a library. currently, equipped with 700 books, as well as televisions and DVD players the library travels from community to community and spends from 7 to 10 days at each soum or city it visits.

The targeted group is rural children between the age of 9-18. With funding from private donations, the MGL-P project is to be implemented every summer for a minimum of 3 years (2008-2011). Collecting second hand books, as well as purchasing brand new books, the MGL-Pis planning to collect a total 1.000 books in Mongolian which is to encompass all genres, from literature to history, and science.

Other project that STDC plans to start include; having countryside gas station also acting as information centers for travelers, as well as having local school shower and sleeping facilities made available for tourists during the summer time. STDC is a national NGO that focuses on rural development with sustainable livelihoods for nomads by developing sustainable and responsible tourism.

STDC in Vietnam

Bottom of Form

09 May 2008

In February 2009, the staff of STDC participated to a workshop in Vietnam. The goal of this "Refresher's" workshop was aiming to enable sustainable tourism perceptions and strategies. Successfully learning from Vietnamese experiences, it is, indeed, one of the ways to answer to Mongolian Sustainable Tourism Development and Improvement.

The theme of the workshop was the sustainable tourism development under the influence of globalization. An exchange of ideas was implemented for finding strategies for stimulating community development and small scale entrepreneurship.

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