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What We Do


National and international projects & programs

We implement projects and programs that empower our mission and which develop nomad friendly travel. Through these activities we are aiming to define Mongolian tourism brand and create strong collaboration between value chain stakeholders. So far, around 30 tour operators and 70 local communities that have joined our network.

Destination management and marketing projects

We coperatewith relevant organizations in tourism destinations to develop destination management plans, develop new marketing strategies to enhance the knowledge about touristic attractions and zoning y. This will provide new strategic ways to expand rural tourism and ensure the sustainability of the environmental ecology.


We organize a wide range of training to provide basic tourism knowledge. Courses span up until the professional level. These trainings aim at developing businesses according to individuals and companies requests. Professional consultation is also available in respect to the need of your company.


We publish the only magazine for the tourism sector. The magazine examines issues facing Mongolian tourism. Our contributors include Mongolian and international experts.


We have founded  the following clubs in order to develop the human resources of our  industry. These clubs aim to improve the skills and give students  practical use of their theoretical knowledge. 





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