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STDC's Mission

Our Mission is directed to add our contribution for designing, monitoring, evaluating, and improving sustainable tourism practices and principles in Mongolia.

This can be done by our involvement and cooperation into the process of planning and by taking part in the environment friendly usage of prime tourism resources such as beautiful nature, rich history, cultural heritage, nomadic lifestyle, and traditional customs of Mongolia.

Our Mission is “to lead the development of a sustainable tourism industry in Mongolia. We will work with rural communities, tour operators, local and national governments and all with an interest in future of Mongolian countryside. We will lead by example and develop projects which make a difference. We will follow international best practice and share our experience”.


To support rural communities develop sustainable livelihoods.

  • To protect and enhance Mongolia’s environment
  • To promote sustainable and responsible tourism throughout Mongolian tourism industry.
  • To lead by example and develop projects that make a difference.


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